Power Up Your Immune System with the Photon Genius Super Sauna in Tucson!

Come Experience the Revolutionary Power of the Photon Genius

And Take Your Health to the Next Level!

The Photon Genius and Photon Genie are energy-medicine instruments that provide the following energies and therapies for use by the human body:

  • Bio-Photonic Energy
  • Electrical Energy and Electro-Magnetic Energy
  • Frequency Harmonics
  • Energy Infrared Transmission and Nitric Oxide Therapy
  • Proprietary Noble Gas Technology
  • Heat and Suana Therapy (Hyperthermia)
  • Light and Sound Therapy

Real Science, Real Results!

The Photon Genius and Photon Genie health benefits include:

  • Enhances and empowers the Immune System
  • Balances the Lymphatic and Circulatory Systems of the body
  • Promotes the elimination of Toxins and Free Radicals
  • Dramatically Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  • Decreases Joint Stiffness and Muscle Soreness
  • Burns Calories (up to 700 per session) and Increases Metabolism
  • Re-establishes the ideal vibrational frequencies of each individual cell in the body

About Us

We are a members only, self-care facility making available to you the highest and most advanced technologies, including the Photon Genius Super Sauna and the Photon Genie. Alive & Well Arizona, LLC is a privately owned company by Donald and Andrea Nichols, who have been involved in the natural health field for nearly 30 years. It is their goal to offer these leading-edge technologies to the local public so they have access to potential health benefits that otherwise would not be available.


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Our Services

Photon Genius Super Sauna Sessions

The Photon Genius Super Sauna is a dynamic energy sauna that  provides more direct and targeted harmonic energy infrared (including  full spectrum) than any infrared sauna in the world. 

Utilizing the historic Genius of Ed Skilling, the Photon Genius transmits, imprints, and reminds the human body at the cellular level of the essential creative process of perpetual ENLIVENING ENERGY that results in more NATURAL and EMPOWERED regenerative processes throughout the body.


Photon Genie

Photon Genie


Photon Genie is the result of decades of research and development,  dramatically innovating and advancing the concepts of Tesla, Rife,  Abrams and Lakhovsky by perfecting an advanced, proprietary processing  of full-spectrum energy and infinite harmonics with recently developed  "Skilling Advanced Electronics" to promote restoration of balance and  regeneration.

This life-nourishing photobiotic energy  is effectively delivered by both an ionized Noble Gas  energy-transmission and deeply penetrating life-force energy waves

High Tech Health FAR Infrared Sauna

FAR Infrared Sauna Sessions

The Infrared Sauna has an excellent reputation for detoxifying both metal and chemical contaminants from the body. It is an excellent therapy on its own or as an adjunct to other natural methods of detoxification. 

The Thermal Life® Sauna utilizes specially designed Bio-Resonance™ ceramic heaters that provide the optimal level of far infrared exposure no matter where you are in your detoxification process.

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Menu / Price List

To become a member of the Tucson Photon Genius Super Sauna Club there is a one-time membership fee of $5.00.

Learn More and Hear How Others Have Benefited!

Links to Articles and Videos on the Photon Genius Technology

Skilling Institute 50+ Years of Historic Technology Advances:


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Warren Starnes introducing Historic Skilling Institute Technologies:

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ARTICLES: http://www.supersauna.com/articles/

BOOK: NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent--Even Reverse--Heart Disease and Strokes

by Dr. Louis J Ignarro (Winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine)


Nitric Oxide – The Miracle Molecule


“From diabetes to hypertension, cancer to drug addiction, stroke to intestinal motility, memory and learning disorders to septic shock, sunburn to anorexia, male impotence to tuberculosis, there is probably no pathological condition where nitric oxide does not play an important role. Only within the last 25 years was Nitric Oxide discovered as a product of enzymatic synthesis in mammals, there are more than 114,000 scientific papers dealing with this remarkable molecule with most of these published within the last eight years.”

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Infrared encourages the rich production of Nitric Oxide (NO), the “miracle molecule” 

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BOOK: The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life

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BOOK: Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness

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BOOK: Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine

by Robert O. Becker

https://www.amazon.com/Cross-Currents-Electropollution-Promise-Electromedicine/dp/0874776090/ Photon Genius Super Sauna in Tucson FAR Infrared Sauna in Tucson

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